Rental of buses across Poland is a new service offered by Fraikin, a European leader among companies offering the rental of trucks and light commercial vehicles. Expanding its portfolio is an element of Fraikin’s strategy for 2016. The proposal is addressed to public transport managers in different agglomerations as well as to private carriers which provide transport services to municipalities.

Just like the entire vehicle park in Poland, the bus segment also needs substantial upgrade. The average age of buses in Poland is estimated at a dozen or so years, which translates into high costs of use, decreased reliability of services, and adverse environmental impact. However, the previous year turned out to be very favourable to the bus market. In the urban and minibus segments, almost 700 new vehicles were registered in each one.

The Polish bus market is coming to terms with a situation where a city or municipality provides public transport using companies which supply the fleet in perfect technical condition, optimum organisation, and at very competitive prices. This is why Fraikin is proposing bus rental services with full technical support (a 360° service). The operator is only to ensure fuel and drivers. It should be noted here that, with the aim of reducing harmful emissions and noise levels, Fraikin is also ready to support CNG buses.

Considering the need to refresh the bus park, it may be expected that the number of new buses registered in Poland will soon exceed 2000 annually, and the upward trend will continue in subsequent years. The market will expect a modern organisational framework for public transport.

“Entering a new market segment, namely buses, was possible thanks to our many years’ experience in managing trucks,” says Artur Nowicki, CEO Central Eastern Europe at Fraikin. Fraikin has competent technical personnel able to provide reliable support for buses. “We stand out with our professionalism and individual approach to customer problems,” says Artur Nowicki. “The features which helped Fraikin gain a leading position on the market of truck rental make us certain that we will do well also in the public transport segment. Experienced and reliable contractors, effective service, and a wide range of services provided as part of our portfolio – Fraikin has all it takes to be successful,” he adds.

The attractiveness of Fraikin’s offer is driven by the daily maintenance of technical readiness of vehicles. It should be noted that although a bus drive system (engine, gear, gearbox, axles) was adapted based on typical trucks, it is nonetheless more complicated. It has more complex electrical, pneumatic, air conditioning, and heating systems. Fraikin’s Fleet Management Department takes utmost care of these systems, which are crucial for proper operation of the vehicles. As a result, buses do not experience unplanned failures, which translates into nearly 100% readiness for performing transport tasks.

Tyres – for buses, which are much more exposed to damage and wear and tear, tyres are under constant support of Fraikin’s technical team. As part of daily support, the team monitors pressure in tyres, checks their wear and tear, and changes them if necessary.

The technical infrastructure also includes a service vehicle with the necessary tools to repair and start the vehicle on the road, or to change tyre in case of puncture.

Fraikin provides support for procedures related to claims adjustment. The customer only needs to report a claim to the round-the-clock Assistance platform and fill in the forms. It is important as the vehicles used mainly in the centres of big cities are exposed to frequent collisions and accidents.

These days the public transport segment has high requirements towards operators. The passenger information system supporting the transport network must provide the waiting passengers with up-to-date information on bus arrival times. The data from buses is sent to the management centre on an ongoing basis and then displayed on information boards. Bus passengers are informed of names of stops. Thanks to Wi-Fi, they can also use the Internet. For security reasons, surveillance devices are installed both inside and outside the vehicles. Fraikin is very well prepared for surveillance and maintenance of systems that improve travel comfort.