1st June 2006 – launch of operations. Early 2007 – the first contract signed with Olkutrans Sp. z o.o. After only five years – dynamic growth and a fleet of 1200 vehicles. After ten years – a leading position among companies renting trucks and light commercial vehicles, with an outlook for future growth. Celebrating the tenth anniversary of its presence on the Polish market, Fraikin is not slowing down. On the contrary – it whets its appetite for other market segments.

The company offers primarily short- and long-term rental of vehicles and car fleet management services. In addition, it buys back and replaces fleets and sells used vehicles. Each year Fraikin expands its portfolio of services dedicated to commercial vehicles and trucks. Recently the company has offered Polish municipalities and private businesses the support of public transport across the country. Last year Fraikin entered into cooperation with Lang Team, an organiser of bicycle races, as partner providing logistics support for Tour de Pologne.

However, the position achieved by Fraikin on the Polish market is better reflected by numbers: after 10 years of operation, the company has cooperated with 450 customers. It employs 110 people and has opened 16 sales offices across the country. And what is most important, Fraikin has a fleet of 3300 vehicles, of which 800 is available anytime, anywhere. And Fraikin’s fleet continues to expand. It is overseen everyday by a team of eleven technical inspectors who check the vehicles’ technical condition on an ongoing basis. Huge potential also lies in the fact that the number of vehicles which the company can manage at the same time is unlimited. Such dynamic growth would not be possible without 70 years’ experience of Fraikin Group on global markets, reliability, a stable business position, and an effective crew able to provide seamless order fulfilment.

“Undoubtedly, one of the major drivers of the company’s success, both globally and domestically, is flexibility and the ability to tailor its offerings to customers’ individual needs. Our priority is to continuously improve proposals for our customers. This is done both by introducing new products and improving the existing ones,” says Artur Nowicki, CEO Central Eastern Europe at Fraikin. Sources of the company’s success also include dynamic communication with service recipients, such as taking into account their feedback and individual expectations, as well as the fact that Fraikin favours stable, proven partners.

These features enable us to think about future growth also in other countries of the region using our Polish branch. Since recently the Group has offered its services to markets of Central Europe (the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary) and Russia.

Fraikin’s portfolio is developed with thinking outside the box, which also applies to internal procedures which the team’s work system is based on. “We are aware that the crew is a living organism, and the role of the company’s management is to optimally leverage the group and individual potential of the employees. Their satisfaction is as important as customer satisfaction,” adds Artur Nowicki.