Success in life depends on many factors. One of the most important is the choice of people around us. If our friends are sophisticated, success-oriented people, who continuously make progress, it is easier for us to be successful too. The same applies to business. Whether an undertaking is successful or not is not determined only by the idea, work organisation system, financial and innovative capacity, but also by the right colleagues.

One of Fraikin Polska’s long-term, proven contractors includes IVECO, established four decades ago, which combines many years of experience of companies such as Magirus-Deutz, Fiat, Lancia, Unic, and OM.

This well-known chassis manufacturer provides us with high-quality vehicles with which we have conquered the Polish market. It is not courtesy, it is a fact – IVECO is our strategic partner.

We are now waiting for two grand, joint events, which are coming soon.

On Monday, the 11th of July, during a formal gala in the capital’s Łazienki Królewskie (Royal Baths) park, we will celebrate the tenth anniversary of Fraikin’s operations in Poland.

We will also visit the route of Tour de Pologne 2016, which will take place between 12th and 18th July. We have a responsible task to do, namely to provide logistics support for the leading sports event in Poland.

Simply speaking, for us cooperation with IVECO is staying in a good company.