According to the announcement made on Thursday, 19th January 2017, the French Competition Authority and Petit Forestier Group had failed to reach an agreement on finalizing the company’s merger with Fraikin Group.

Petit Forestier Group withdrew from the transaction after the French Office of Competition Authority had made reservations to the project of merger of two leading companies specialized in the rental of commercial vehicles on the European market.

The decision to withdraw from the merger means that Fraikin and Petit Forestier will continue to compete on the European market of rental of commercial vehicles and trucks. This creates new challenges for both companies. This will certainly be conducive to searching for new solutions, which will make the companies’ offerings more appealing to their customers. It will also help ensure fair competition. Both Groups will focus on specialising in their respective core businesses.

Fraikin remains number one on the European market of rental of commercial vehicles and trucks. It also continues to be the leader in renting refrigerator trucks in Poland and CEE countries, where the company plans further dynamic growth in the upcoming months.

“In 2017 Fraikin in Poland is getting ready to open new branches and expand its service portfolio. We will also substantially increase our car fleet. We plan to have 5 thousand vehicles by the end of this year. The vast majority of them will be refrigerator trucks. Such strategy is consistent with the development of the food distribution industry in Poland,” says Artur Nowicki, CEO Central and Eastern Europe, Fraikin. “During the ten years of its operations in Poland, Fraikin has built its position as leader in delivering fleet solutions for the entire industry,” he adds.

Last year Fraikin Group reported very good results of its business activity. In 2016 the company signed 6500 new contracts and its fleet increased to 55 thousand vehicles. The result reflects excellent commercial performance, in particular in global operations.

The Group’s portfolio of long-term contracts increased 6.5 percent. The turnover was EUR 663 million, an increase of 3.1 percent from 2015.

“Fraikin’s strong position on the market obliges us to further provide top quality services to our customers operating in different industries,” comments Artur Nowicki, CEO Central and Eastern Europe, Fraikin.