We are glad to inform that we won a tender for 81 vehicles for the Polish Post Office (Poczta Polska) last week. The contract covers several types of bodywork:

  • 18 containers with a maximum authorised mass of 18 t;
  • 24 containers with a maximum authorised mass of 26 t;
  • 27 tractor units;
  • 24 semi-trailers.

The vehicles are scheduled to be delivered within 20 weeks from the contract execution date, in two instalments. This time, our offer included MAN, Plandes and Wielton brand vehicles and bodywork. The contract with Poczta Polska was concluded for 72 months. Its value is PLN 34,067,792.16.

We would like to use this opportunity to congratulate our employees. A huge thanks to Zbigniew Mataczyno, Robert Wojtiuk, Grzegorz Ćmielewski and Łukasz Rogulski, who gave their all to help us win the tender.