All of us can be Santa Claus, ever without long, white beard or magic sleight. All you need is some determination and a well-fitted team, which become obvious for us after this year’s Fraikin’s Santas event.

This year, we decided to help those who need it the most: children from orphanages. Therefore, we launched a collection of toys, cosmetics and school accessories. You couldn’t even imagine how many Santa-Clauses-to-be we found in Fraikin. The stack of gifts was getting bigger day by day.

13th December, we invited Fraikin’s employees to our newly-opened mechanical service station in Błonie to pack the gifts together and to deliver them to orphanages. To make it integrating for employees, we divided them into groups and gave them opportunity to show their creativity in competition with others. For many of them, it was an occasion to meet their co-workers in Błonie and see the station.

However, it wasn’t fun and creativity that counted the most, but the intention. For that intention, we say THANK YOU to Fraikin’s employees.