Vehicle rental, the equivalent of operational leasing, has been extremely popular with entrepreneurs. The service is addressed to the companies which use vehicles in everyday business. Rental is divided into several stages and dedicated professionals are responsible for their successful delivery.


This is not much different from purchasing a vehicle. At the stage of vehicle selection, every company is assigned a technical and commercial consultant, who helps determine the customer’s needs. This allows for configuring every vehicle intended for the customer opting for long-term rental in line with the customer’s business profile. So why consider rental? Financing is yet another answer to the question. Every company offering vehicle rental has the terms and conditions of purchase of vehicles and additional services negotiated. That is why the entrepreneur choosing rental gets an offer which is competitive to the purchase and which provides many benefits, such as ancillary services typical for operational leasing.


We recognise this stage from the very first day of vehicle use. The customer picks up a vehicle which is fully ready for use. It is registered and branded (at the customer’s request) and has an insurance policy and user manual which includes key telephone numbers of the persons directly responsible for fleet management. Every vehicle also has a dedicated team of Technical Inspectors who care for the vehicle’s technical condition. The inspections are carried out on dates arranged with the customer.


Vehicle service is connected with fleet management. Every vehicle has a dedicated team of technical coordinators who keep in touch with the customer. Their duty is to plan the vehicles’ visits to the garage in order to carry out the inspections required by the body manufacturer. Moreover, in emergency cases, they coordinate mechanical repairs, from reporting the issue to leaving the garage. Other benefits of our rental service include our own claims settlement centre. Everyone who has ever had a road incident knows how arduous and time-consuming the claims settlement procedure can be. The rental service is extended with claims settlement.

The rental model includes a range of actions aimed at addressing the issues related to fleet operation and administration. Consulting and financing, and later on fleet management, service and claims settlement, enable the entrepreneur to carefully plan the development of their business.

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