In October, the Executive Committee of the Fraikin Group visited Warsaw. This was the first visit in Poland of Managers forming the new Board. One of the most important issues discussed during this visit was outlining and detailed discussion of the long-term strategy and further European expansion of the Fraikin Group.

 “FRAIKIN enters the new era”, said Mr Phillippe Mellier during the presentation of the new strategy of the Fraikin Group that took place in Warsaw. The Chairman of the Company Board pointed to positive trends in the company development in recent years. The increasing commitment of the Fraikin Group to innovations, accompanied by the progressing vision of sustainable development, are continuously supported by the team of our experts, pursuing their passion for all forms of mobility. At the same time, the presented strategy contains forecasts for the future, resulting from our exceptional history spanning over seventy years, starting with the moment of renting our first truck.

The new Fraikin strategy provides for performance of ambitious financial and non-financial objectives. “We want to provide a comprehensive support for Fraikin’s “The great 4” (i.e. France, UK, Spain and Poland); however, we also notice increasing business opportunities in countries such as Germany or Italy”, said Mr Phillippe Mellier. Investments planned for 2020–2025 are to ensure a dynamic growth and consolidate Fraikin’s position as a leader in the rental of the commercial in Europe.

“We also want our customers to feel that our approach has improved”, said Mr Mellier. Therefore, the Fraikin company will continue to improve its organisational structures and processes, to better meet the customer needs. “We want to motivate our employees even further to undertake customer-focused operations”, he added. Additionally, digitalisation will become an integral component of the development strategy for the entire Group. This way the company will be able to create an additional value for its customers, and to develop and improve the efficiency of its current operations.

During its visit to Poland, the Management Board also visited the fully independent Fraikin Workshop in Błonie. The facility, located near Warsaw, was the first in the Fraikin European Network to implement the 5S methodology, which is a part of the new Group strategy, as well as became an exemplary site of the company’s visual identity. 

The visit was an excellent opportunity to exchange international experiences, meet the entire Fraikin Poland team, and listen to individual needs of employees.