Fleet managment

Comprehensive customer fleet management service.

Fleet Management is a solution addressed to all companies that have their fleet of vehicles. Fraikin’s fleet management eliminates the need for fleet administration, while ensuring optimum performance for your business. For our clients we create individual packages adapted to their specific needs.

Fraikin fleet management solutions often allow the fleet to move to a higher level, and our processes have a significant impact on the financial performance of our customers. Vehicle management is only charged at actual cost.

  • AvailabilityMore than 500 websites cooperating in Poland
  • CompetitivenessSpecial service rates for Fraikin
  • AssistanceMore than 100 fleet management specialists and skilled technicians

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Flet & Operations

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Fleet managment services

  • Mechanics and repair of bodywork
  • Equipment (refrigerator, loading elevator, boom, etc.)
  • OC
  • Autocasco, NNW
  • Fire, theft, damage to the glass
  • OC
  • Autocasco, NNW
  • Fire, theft, damage to the glass
  • Prevention
  • Replacing oil and filters
  • Consumables
  • Basic customer reviews
Replacement vehicle
  • In case of failure, repair or maintenance
  • Dedicated Fraikin maintainer
  • Taxes
  • Extra kilometers
  • Reports, motions and complaints, expert opinions
Managment of obligatory controllers
  • Przygotowanie i dostarczenie do obowiazkowych kontroli
  • Kontrola emisji zanieczyszczen, kontrola techniczna, tachograf, próby cisnieniowe
  • Swiadectwo zgodnosci technicznej chlodni (ATP)
Vehicle sales
  • Professional counseling and mediation for sale
  • Auction platform used vehicles
Assistance 24/7

Your benefits

TransferTransfer of administrative and accounting duties related to vehicle fleet management

Organization and managementOrganization and management of service in Europe and the country

ReportsMonthly reports

Cost reduceReduce the cost of repairing and servicing vehicles

Budget controlFull control of the fleet budget

TrainingTrainings for drivers and fleet managers

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Company Details

Fleet plans



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