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Thanks to the User Area, our customer remains in constant contact with our technical service, receives up-to-date news from the sector, can access information materials and technical advice and check current service price lists.

Collision emergency

Legal assistance hotline 24/7

+48 22 330 09 66


Every customer, the renter from us vehicle receives full OC, AC, NNW insurance. We guarantee immediate notification of damage to the insurer, organization of towing and repair of the vehicle, inspection and settlement of repair costs, as well as replacement vehicle if the contract is signed.

Warta OWU Autocascoview
Warta OWU Autocascoview

Service fees and commissions

ActivitiesFee in PLN
Annex to rental contract250
Issuing an authorisation for a third party to use the rented vehicle400
Registration plate duplicate500
Registration card duplicate350
Re-registration of a vehicle400
Recovery of a registration card seized by the police100
Providing, at the request of law enforcement and administrative authorities, written information on the user of a vehicle used for committing an offence100
Issuing an opinion on cooperation100
Authorisation for vehicle use50
Request for payment50
Vehicle delivery to indicated location:
– permissible maximum weight up to 3.5 t
– above 3.5 t
– tractor units and semi-trailers
2,5 PLN/ 1 km
3,1 PLN/ 1 km
3,5 PLN/ 1 km
Recovery of overdue receivablesAccording to the real

Valid from 15 February 2016

All prices shown in Fees and Commissions are net amounts.

Relevant VAT amounts will be added to each price determined according to Fees and Commissions.